2018 Meeting Dates and Topics


Let’s get together and plan for a successful 2018. This month’s workshop will cover a variety of topics designed to help our members have a great year:

State Your Goals – Sharing goals with others has long-been a proven method to bolster motivation. We’ll bring our long and short term goals and together map out the best way to get there.

Pitch Your Novel – Have an idea swimming around your head but you’re not sure it’s worth pursuing? Pitch it at the meeting and get constructive feedback

Take A Challenge – This year the board will be organizing monthly challenges to help members meet their goals. Sign up for the one(s) that’s right for you. Or even help design one you think will be productive.


With Valentine’s Day still fresh in the air, let’s pay proper homage to romance. CoLoNY Secretary Jenn Jackson will lead some fun writing games that will focus on bringing romance to your writing. Chocolate may be involved.

March 17 – TBA

April 21 – TBA

May 19 – TBA

June 16 – TBA

July 21 – TBA

August 18 – TBA

September 15 – TBA

October 20 – TBA

November 17 – TBA

December 15 – TBA


2017 Meeting Dates and Topics

January 21 – New Year’s Celebration

February 18 – This month at our meeting we will watch several TED Talks that relate to writing with a discussion to follow after each one.

March 18 –  Jeanette Grey ( will present THE ART AND SCIENCE OF WRITING IN DEEPER POV-

Readers crave it. Agents and editors demand it. Writing in Deep POV puts your readers in the minds of your characters, giving them the escapist, immersive experience they’re looking for every time they pick up a new book. In this workshop, RITA-finalist author Jeanette Grey explores both the art and the science of writing in Deep POV. Learn new ways to get into the heads of your own characters and bring their stories to life, while also picking up tricks for refining your writing and revising with an eye to creating the richest, deepest POV possible.

April 15 – Jean C. Gordon ( will present GONE IN SIXTY MINUTES – A hands-on synopsis-writing exercise that can turn your idea into a fully developed story.

May 20 – Commas. They can be confusing, and some writers think they don’t really matter. Grammatically speaking, they absolutely do. But they’re not just sign posts telling a reader the difference between, “Shoot, Grandma!” and “Shoot Grandma!” Knowing how to use commas can enhance your writing by allowing you to get creative without confusion. Even readers who don’t know comma rules know how to read the above Grandma scenario. It’s up to you, as the writer, to actually know. Whether you have an innate sense of how the mysterious (not really) comma works or not, knowing the rules frees your writing in ways that will surprise you. Knowledge is power. And don’t let “rules” bring you to a grinding halt. Only by knowing the rules can you break them effectively. Be a rebel. Learn your commas.

June 17 – Writing Prompt Exercises

July 15 – General Discussion

August 19 – BUILD-A-BOOK with Erika Kelly

Writing is hard no matter how many books you’ve written. Once you become published, though—whether you’re a pantser or a plotter—you need to become more efficient. You don’t have time to flail. In this workshop, we’ll go over prewriting work that will make the process go more smoothly. We’ll identify and strengthen the following story elements:
story premise
emotional value
goal, motivation, and conflict
turning points
character arcs
and key story questions.

September 16 – Group discussion on marketing

October 28 – Annual General Meeting

November 18

December 16


2016 Meeting Dates and Topics

January 16th – Critique session and discussion of Connecticut Premiere of LOVE BETWEEN THE COVERS

February 20 – Scrivener with Sarah Hale

March 19 – Group Critique

April 16 – Using Research to Find the Heart of Your Novel with Frankie Bailey

May 21 – Karl Iglesias’s Dialogue Course

June 18 – Evernote with Denise Alicea

July 16 – Group Critique

August 20 – Creating Powerful Movie Scenes 

Sept 17 – Group Critique

Oct 15 – Annual meeting plus a writing exercise

Nov 19 – Creating Characters with the Tarot

There is no such thing as a story without characters, and the best characters are those with real depth. Creating characters who stand out in a significant way isn’t about looks; it’s about backstory and traits that might never make it onto the page. When an author knows her characters intimately, she can write them organically, and most effectively. But how do we create those characters to begin with?

Sometimes, you just need a little help.

The Tarot was, originally, just a pack of playing cards used in the mid-15th century. It wasn’t until the late 18th century that they began their role in divination. The 78 card deck has two distinct parts: The Major Arcana–these are the 22 trump cards. For our purposes, the character cards. And the Minor Arcana: or suits, four suits divided by 14 cards each. For our purposes, these will be extra detail cards.

We will be using the Tarot cards to create characters that could well spark a whole new story into being, or to give depth to and understanding of characters we’ve already created. Come ready to create, write, and have fun. Bring paper and pen, your laptop, parchment and quill–whatever you need to write with.

We will be using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck (originally published in 1910. The subjects of the Major Arcana are based on those earliest decks. If you have a set you’d like to work with, or share, please feel free to bring it along.

Dec 17 – Canceled


September 19 – Opening Line and Great Beginnings with Sarah Hale

October 24th – ANNUAL MEETING/Halloween Prompt with Terri-Lyne DeFino

November 21st – Planning For Success: How to achieve your goals of word count, fitness, and world domination using a paper planner with Laura K. Curtis

December 19th – Discussion of our role in the upcoming Connecticut Premiere of LOVE BETWEEN THE COVERS and holiday celebration


January 18 – Ring in The New Year – Share your goals for 2014

February 15 – Color Your Editing with Sharon Struth

March 15 – Marketing Roundtable with Mary Beth Bass

April 19 – Medicine in Fiction –  L. D. Rose

May – 17 – No Workshop

June 21 – WordPress 101 – Denise Alicia

July 19 – Flash Fiction – Terri-Lynne DeFino

August 16 – Flash Fiction – Terri-Lynne DeFino

September 20 – No Workshop

October 18 – Brainstorming Bacchanalia! – Group Participation

November 15 – Self Publishing – Kylie Gilmore

December 20 – TBA

2013 Calendar not available at this time


January 21 – Social Media Workshop with Laura Bradford and Jenna Kernan (update – rescheduled for May due to snow)

February 18 -Characterization and Plotting with Sharon Struth

May 19 – Social Media Workshop with Laura Bradford and Jenna Kernan

June 16 – Creating the Big Idea with Anne Elizabeth

July 21 – It’s a Word Thing with Laura Kramarsky and Maura Troy

August 18 – Finding the Time with Laura Bradford

September 15 – The Writer’s Buffet with Laura Bradford and Maura Troy

October 6 – Annual CoLoNY Party and Fundraiser (Members Only)

October 20 – The Six Major Points of Novels with Jenna Kernan and Laura Bradford

November 17 – The Writer’s Buffet Redux with Maura Troy

December 15 – TBA